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How to Get Your Side Hustle Up & Running in the Next 6 Weeks


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While you wait, I want to share how you can get a lasting side hustle up and running in the next six weeks…

 … from picking your perfect “hustle”… to closing your first deal… getting paid what you’re worth… automating your business… and managing your cash flow!

You just took the first step towards a better life by choosing to own 6-Figure Side Hustles…

Read every word on this page to discover the one thing you can do to avoid the pitfalls that kill a side hustle and how to build one that maximizes your long term payoff…

And how to do it all in record time…

⚠️Warning: Minimum Wage Thinking Stops HERE & NOW

Before you finish reading this page to the end, I’ve got a stern warning.

As you read, you may be tempted to think “This will never work for me because of XYZ”...

(Insert a lame excuse for XYZ)

That is Minimum Wage Thinking 👎... anyone can do it… and it is deadly to your side hustle.

The people who make the big bucks think differently… they ask themselves a better question:

They ask themselves, “How can this work for me?”

That is what sets the super-successful apart from all of the people who never make it.

And it’s something you can shift in your thinking… Right. Now.

And I want you to do it–for your own sake–before you read the rest of this page.

‘Nuff said. 

Let’s move on.

What One Thing Do the Best Paid People in 6-Figure Side Hustles All Have in Common?

Something happened as we interviewed expert after expert about their side hustle…

We noticed something strange about the best paid people in the series…

Something that isn’t normal–that sets them apart…

It was easy to overlook…

A subtle comment here, and a short sidebar there… but at some point, the light bulb went on, and it became crystal clear:

The best paid people all did one thing to shortcut their path to success.

What was it?

What was the shortcut? Simple: 

They all had a mentor.

Someone who stepped into their story at the right time… Someone who had already been there, done that… and learned the hard lessons—the hard way…

So they didn’t have to.

Learning from other people who have done what you want to do will always be one of life’s few legit shortcuts…

You see it in every field. The most successful people all have someone in their life who taught them the ropes—who held their hand as they made their way to success.

But mentors are hard to come by—especially wealthy mentors—because it takes time to take someone by the hand and guide them to success…

That’s why many mentors will charge a hefty fee to be your coach…

I’ve personally seen people pay as much as $50,000 a year for the guidance only a mentor can provide…

And it is money well spent if they can shave years off your path to success… and put more money in your pocket than their hefty fees.

So, while I encourage you to find a mentor… 

I also know we have to do more than just give you a nice pat on the back and say, “Go find a mentor.”

It’s not easy, and odds are that it would take months or years for the right person to show up in your life.

So we made a decision. We have to bring the “mentors” to you… 

Here’s what I mean:

Master the Secrets of the Best Paid Side Hustlers with the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass

What does a mentor do?

If you boil it down, every mentor does three things:


They teach you what they know from experience


They answer your questions–no matter how basic


They guide you past the obstacles that ruin most people

We knew we could find world-class mentors who would be able to do just that… AND:

We figured out a way for you to gain access to them… Without the hefty premium some mentors charge.

I’m talking about the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass…

Over the course of 6 weeks, through the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass, we will bring in highly successful people who have grown a successful side hustle… 

The kind of people it’s nearly impossible for any individual to access…

And have them show you the exact steps to build your side hustle in 6 weeks, with the tools and techniques to scale as fast and big as you desire.

How does it work?

How does it work?


Every week, we host two private, members-only events with an expert (or experts) 

The first event of the week is focused on teaching, with some time for Q&A, with a specific set of action steps for you to take that week that moves you closer to your goal…

These lessons often include action guides and ebooks or reports that dive even deeper into specifics. Then…

The second session is for Q&A, navigating obstacles and creating forward progress to achieve your goals. 

Every week you’ll jump on this LIVE call with one or more mentors who will answer all of your questions, navigate you past obstacles standing in your way, and push you to make forward momentum towards your goal…

On these calls you may also choose to jump in the “hot seat” to receive direct feedback from a mentor on where you are with your specific side hustle…

This kind of direct feedback is invaluable, so show up ready with your questions and your action steps for the week!

And if you can’t make the sessions, we’ve got your covered because you can submit your questions and actions steps for review by email.

This will be a tremendous opportunity for everyone to learn the kinds of valuable lessons you only figure out in the trenches where success is won or lost.

It’s a simple but powerful format for anyone willing to take advantage of everything we are handing to you each week…

Next question.

What Will You Learn?

The format is designed to do everything possible to set you up for success…

The lessons are ordered in a specific sequence that starts from scratch, and holds your hand as we walk the most efficient path to building your side hustle in the least amount of time possible…

With maximum leverage… while handing you the tools and techniques to scale as fast and big as you desire.

And while it would be impossible to spec out everything you’ll learn on this page (especially once people start asking questions!)… 

Here’s the high level 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass “syllabus”…



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY

Week 1:
Picking a Side Gig You Love… That PAYs

Don’t know where to start? 

Have a side hustle in mind, but aren’t sure it will work? We’ve got you covered.

In week 1 of the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass, you’ll complete a series of simple exercises that guide you through the process of picking a side gig you love… that PAYS!

You’ll develop a side hustler's mentality, and establish the thought patterns that enable you to break through past barriers to earning serious money. Remember, wealthy people think differently, and you will too after completing week 1.

Finally, you’ll learn how to “Make them an offer they can't refuse,” by learning how to make what you offer so desirable that only a fool would say “no.”

By the end of week 1, you’ll be ready to attract your first deal… and that leads us to:

Week 2:

Week 2 of the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass is when you develop the systems and processes that will bring you as much deal flow as you want.

As you complete this week’s lessons, you’ll master the 5 proven methods that the best paid side hustlers use to attract people who want to do business with them…

Whether you want to get into AirBnB, sell creative services, or consulting… start an online business… or make money using Artificial Intelligence…

Whatever your side hustle is, you must master the week 2 skills if you ever hope to grow your side hustle to 6-figures and beyond…

Heck, mastering the skills in week 2 and applying them to someone else’s business could become a side hustle all by itself!

Week 3:
Getting Paid What You Deserve

Everyone loves to buy something. Nobody likes to get sold.

Week 3 of the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass is all about closing the deal and getting paid what you deserve!

Bringing in all the deals you could want will only get you so far… if you want to achieve true financial freedom, you must also learn the art of the close…

This week, we’ll cover proven persuasion, negotiation, and closing tactics that make people want to buy from you… without feeling like they’re being “sold.”

This is considered by most people who break the 7-figure mark to be the #1 skill you can ever learn in business, and you will possess it after completing this week…

Week 4:
How to Be a Smooth Operator

Now that you’ve mastered the art of bringing in the deal, you have to be careful…

Being able to attract and close as many deals as you want can turn your side hustle into a full time gig, unless you know how to be a smooth operator!

Creating a business operating system is the key to reclaiming your time. 

A good set of systems and processes keep your time investment to a minimum, and when you’re ready, allow you to delegate tasks to other people… with the confidence that they’ll get done, and done right.

Week 5:
Mo' Money, NO Problems

Managing the cash flow that comes in from your side hustle is only hard if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Set up your books wrong, and when tax season comes around, your life will become a nightmare. Don’t keep good records and getting a mortgage, or other loan from the bank will be a no-go, but…

Set them up right from the get-go and you can relax by the pool when tax season comes around… and blow your banker’s mind when they see your pristine record keeping.

Not only that, but when you know how to truly manage your income, you can turn it into true wealth… and in some cases, eliminate your taxes completely…

But only if you do the things you’ll learn from a master of the craft in week 5!

Week 6:
Put Your Side Hustle on Autopilot

By the time you get to week 6, you’ll be light years ahead of the lone wolves who don’t invest in mentoring, but we’re still not done…

Week 6 is where you learn to put your business on autopilot.

What do I mean? Here’s where you learn to use simple software tools, and a very specific kind of document to take all of the things you learned up to this point, and get it off your plate!

Here’s where you get to choose your level of involvement… 

Do you enjoy certain parts of your side hustle? Keep doing them. Hate other parts? Set them up and forget about them (except when you want to take a peak and see how they’re performing!).

In week 6 we get down to brass tacks and share the exact websites, tools, and software that keeps your time free to do what you enjoy, while making sure the critical systems that keep your business growing stress-free are operating at their full potential.

Stick with it through week 6 and you’ll not only have started your side hustle… you’ll have shaved years off of your learning curve, and avoided painful lessons others will only learn the hard way.

And while this sequence alone is an incredible value, especially with the Wednesday evening Ask-Me-Anything with experts in each of these disciplines… 

We’ve got even more incredibly powerful resources you’ll own when you take advantage of the mentoring that is available on this page only (if you act before the page expires!).

Act Now and Receive These 5 Value-Added Bonuses… for FREE

With all of the information in each session of the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass, we know we have to do everything in our power to make these lessons stick…

To make sure you can take action and change your life…

That’s why—when you claim your seat at the table—you’ll also receive the following value-added bonuses…

Absolutely free…

Lifetime Access to Each Weekly Lesson for On-Demand Review ($997 value)

$997 VALUE

You know we won’t ever leave you hanging…

So it should come as no surprise that each lesson will be recorded and available to you in a members-only online portal so you can watch it over and over again any time you choose…

This will not only be helpful while you complete your weekly assignments—but even more so when you circle back around in six months to review critical details about one of your decisions…

Or to take your skills to a new level after some real-world practice!

The teaching sessions and the Q&A session will be placed in a private, member’s only area for convenient viewing…

On any device from anywhere in the world...

Transcripts of Every Lesson for Easy Reading & Review

$197 VALUE

Short on time? 

Need a quick reminder of some key piece of information? 

These easy-to-read transcripts provide you with 100% of the information in each and every 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass lesson in a written format for your convenience.

Not only for the teaching segments, but also for all of the Q&A sessions as well… 

Easily access these transcripts from any device—desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet… It’s all right there when you need it!

Audio-Only Version of Every Side Money Masterclass Session

$297 VALUE

Each and every session will be so full of densely packed information you’re going to need to review it more than once…

And now you can listen on-the-go as often as you like with our audio-only recordings of every session—yours free.

Perfect for listening on your commute… while you exercise… Or while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a beautiful view. 

The choice is yours and the information is just as powerful. Best of all—you receive audio of both the teaching AND the Q&A sessions… 


6 Masterclass Session Cheat-Sheets


There is so much information that will be covered in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass that no one could absorb it all in one shot.

That’s why we will pull together these “Cheat-Sheets” with highlights, notes and key take-aways from each session…

This way you can jog your memory with a quick skim…

Keep these close at hand as you complete your weekly action steps for a quick review of how to do it right.

Weekly Free Surprise Giveaways from Our Guest Experts

$1,200 EST. VALUE

Every expert will share a wealth of information in the teaching and Q&A sessions… But we want more from them…

That’s why we’re going to insist that they also provide you with free surprise bonuses each and every week…

The value of these free gifts could easily exceed the value of the Masterclass itself… 

And they’re yours for FREE!

How Much is This Actually Worth?

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take action…

Someone who is always learning but never willing to do what it takes to succeed then the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass is worthless to you.

Sorry, but that’s just the truth. 

And if that describes you, then you might as well just move on and forget about ever achieving your dreams.

However, if you are the kind of person who is willing to take action to reach your goals…

The value could be measured in the number of zeros you want to add to your income… Meaning:

The lessons you'll learn have made other people 6, 7, even 8-figures or more in income… And even a single “base hit” success on any given week has the power to create 5 figures…

So the value is immense to those who take action. And I’ve seen similar programs sell for up to $4900!

But don’t worry—we’ve made the price very reasonable so that most people who are serious about starting a 6-figure side hustle can afford it…

Before we get into your investment, let’s take a look at what else you get when you decide to become a 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass member…

5 Game-Changing Bonuses Available through This Page ONLY



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY



24 Hours ONLY

The Transition:

From 6-Figure Side Hustler… to 7-Figure Entrepreneur

$197 VALUE

Some people only want to get to 6 figures and they’re content. That’s awesome.

Some people think that’s what they want, then they get there and discover that they want more. Others view 6-figures as a stepping stone to 7-figures and beyond.

Whichever category you fall into, this guide is an invaluable resource.

In it, you’ll discover the keys to breaking through to the next level as an entrepreneur. And even if you stay at 6-figures, the lessons here will teach you to do so with minimal time and effort.

And it's yours free when you take advantage of the mentoring available to you on this page only before the countdown timer hits zero.

Mind Over Money:

Mental Hacks to Make More Money


Anyone who thinks their mindset doesn’t affect their income is naive.

The way you approach money issues, how you think about opportunities, and how you make decisions about your cash flow all stem from the thought patterns that were taught to you growing up.

If you were surrounded by rich people, you probably have good thought patterns about money. But if you're like most people who didn’t, then chances are really high that you need to change some of your thought patterns to break through the glass ceiling and achieve financial freedom.

This guidebook, available exclusively through this page, will teach you how to think differently, so you earn more…

Act before this page expires to claim it as part of your mentoring program!

6-Figure Side Money Starter Kit:

All the tools you need to set up your side hustle and start making money!

$297 VALUE

Throughout the 6 week mentoring program, we’ll share resources, and tools you can use to accelerate your success.

In this handy reference, you’ll find links to all of these, so you can easily explore them at your leisure. 

Some you’ll want to use right away, others will be useful in the future. All of them will be in this starter kit when you need them.

6-Figure Side Money Playbook:

Your guide to setting up your side hustle in 6 weeks

$197 VALUE

This free bonus is your workbook for the entire mentoring program. 

It is an invaluable tool to keep by your side as you work through each week… and a powerful reference you can return to any time you want to revisit the lessons learned.

You may want to print this out and keep it close at hand for future reference. It will be priceless resource as you start, and scale your side hustle.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Side Hustles:

Going beyond the basics to making serious bank with AI


Artificial Intelligence is going to be one of the most disruptive forces to hit our society in millenia… and whether we like it or not, it is coming.

In this guide, you’ll learn to go beyond the basics and use AI to earn an income… to aid you in developing your business… and to help you design a better life.

It’s hard to quantify just how powerful this little report is, because it unlocks so many doors of opportunity, but when you explore it, your eyes will be opened to a new world, with new possibilities that have never existed before.

And it, along with everything else you see on this page, is available to you  if you claim it before the countdown on this page hits zero.

Check Out These Amazing Bonuses from the 6-Figure Side Hustles Cast & Your Future Mentors

By now, you know…

We like to bring extreme value, and so do the people you’ll meet and interact with directly during the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass…

And a few of them committed to giving you the following free bonuses out of their own desire to see you succeed…

These are products and services that other people pay good money for–yet they’re yours for free as part of your mentoring package…

Bonus: 1-on-1 Tax Avoidance & Asset Protection Consultation

Valued at $1,190

There’s a dirty little secret that only the wealthy know about accountants:

They don’t really reduce your taxes. To do that you need a “tax planner.” 

To legally cut your tax burden to the bone, you need a specialist. And we have one of the top firms that specializes in legal tax avoidance… and asset protection.

You see, when you start to make big money, two things will happen:


The tax man will try to take every dime


Someone will try to sue you 

Fortunately, neither one needs to concern you if you set yourself up properly. And we’re doing everything possible to get you set up the right way from day 1 when you take the leap and invest in yourself by joining the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass.


When you join through this page (before it expires), you receive a personal consultation on how to legally reduce your taxes, and protect your assets (so you won’t lose them if some jerk decides to sue you once they see your newfound wealth!)...

In your free 1-on-1 consultation you’ll receive:

FREE 45 Minute to One Hour strategy session around asset protection, tax savings and business credit development ($595 Value)
Lifelong support from a Corporate Advisor assigned for one-on-one growth and questions ($595 Value)
Comprehensive review of the different types of business entities (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) and what is the best entity structure for your specific situation
Tax strategies for any business to positively impact the bottom line
Introduction to business credit and how to shift personal lines of credit to your business

This $1,190 value is exclusively available to members of the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass through this page, if you act before this page expires!

Bonus: Free Business Entity Setup

Valued at $2,000

The last thing you’ll want to do is operate your side hustle as an individual… you’ll want to set up a corporate entity to reduce taxes and protect your assets…

Most attorneys will do this for you for $500 to $1,000 (or more) just to form the entity, plus another $500 to $1,000 or so the other essential documents (if they even know to do so)...

And they may do a good job if they are a specialist, not a general “business” attorney!

When you invest in your education by joining the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass, you’ll receive FREE entity setup that includes ALL of the important filings that are essential from one of the best firms in the world in this specialty…

You entity setup includes:

Secretary of State Filing
IRS Filing
Expediting fees
Articles of Organization
EIN NUMBER (Employer Identification Number)
Access to List of 250+ Tax Deductions

This service is free for you, all you have to cover are the filing fees.. The service is free when you invest in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass before this page expires!

Bonus: 1-Month Free Access to “Steal OUR Winners”

Valued at $147

Rich Schefren is widely recognized as an Internet marketing pioneer and one of the world’s top experts on online business strategy, who’s:

Coached the world’s top online business gurus
Increased clients’ revenues by BILLIONS of dollars
Grew 3 of his businesses to 7-figures a year
Authored the first “viral” free business report
Popularized online business coaching in 2005
Invented the first automated webinar in 2009

Rich founded Strategic Profits in 2005 and since then, the company has been on a mission to turn struggling opportunity seekers into profitable entrepreneurs.

The most successful digital publishers and entrepreneurs pay Rich 6-figures and up for his wisdom and strategies.

For the past few years, he’s been collecting the most effective online marketing strategies to grow a business of any kind and any size.

And when you invest in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass before this page expires, you’ll get one month of free access to his “Steal Our Winners” program…

Steal Our Winners is where Rich brings in the best and brightest digital entrepreneurs and has them share the exact systems, strategies and tactics that are working for them right now.

In other words, you will learn strategies guaranteed to grow your side hustle as large as you desire, directly from the people who are winning the online marketing game today.

Currently there are 273 marketing strategies that are currently crushing it online from 147 of the top online marketers in a categorized, searchable database of videos.

I’ve watched these videos and there is no fluff… just down to the nitty gritty details tactics you can immediately act on.

And when claim your seat in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass before this page expires, you get one free month (starting at a time of your choosing) to absorb every secret in Steal Our Winners.

Bonus: Engineered Marketing 5 Day Workshop

Valued at $147

Marketing is the key to unlocking maximum income in your side hustle…

The Engineered Marketing 5 Day Workshop teaches you how to build systems that consistently deliver leads and sales on any platform, without chasing the latest social media fad, funnel or traffic technique.

In this 5-day workshop, Chris Goegan shows you how to grow and scale your business. You will learn how you can get leads and sales off of any and every platform. Not just that, he’ll show you how to build the SYSTEMS to deliver those leads and sales. 

You won’t have to be the magic all the time. No more chasing the latest fad, social media, funnel or traffic technique. At the end of 5-days, you will have an actionable plan for growth.

Perfect Prospects. Perfect Positioning. Perfect Process.

Engineered Marketing works for consulting businesses, local service businesses, professional services, contractors, coaches, consultants, membership businesses, and ecommerce. 

IF you have a business where education helps you close deals, and IF you sell value add (not the cheapest), then this can help you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Engineered Marketing 5-Day Workshop:


What industry and world leaders are doing to get ahead in this economy
Self Assessment: The 3-minute test to determine how scalable your business is
The 4 Paths – the roadmap to scaling markets
How to progressively grow markets
Getting Perfect Prospects to Come to You
Positioning – Standing Out In A Crowded Market So You Are The ONLY One Your Market Wants To Work With
The biggest mistake that stops growth that virtually everyone is making – and how to use it to your advantage
Why your vision matters to your market

DAY 2: Systems – Creating The Most Powerful Growth Engine In Your Market

Why funnels don’t work and why systems are king
CWH Systems – The Only Three Systems You Need – If you can do this, you can own your market
Vision, Values and Brand – three of the most overlooked factors when growing and scaling a business that can ruin all your hard work
How systems can free up 10 – 20 hours per week
How systems create consistent and growing income
How to use CWH Systems to create deeper bonds with your perfect prospects

DAY 3: The Attention Amplifier

What the attention amplifier is and how it will affect everything you do
How to build relationships with cold prospects if all they give you is 1 second
Engaging perfect prospects – the right way and the wrong way
How to gain more and more attention
The ONE Process to Engineer That Will Solve All Your Marketing
The Greased Slide – what it is, why build it, and why prospects will love you for it
Trust – the new currency in marketing: How to create and build trust
Education based marketing – how you can impact and help more people, and why this is so important right now.
Why authenticity matters and how to be authentic and create deeper more lasting bonds

Day 4: Launching It

The best way to launch a new venture – this will change how you look at business and get you to growth quicker. It’s not what you think either.
How to know if something is working and if it should be scaled
Viability – why this is so important and how to know if you are viable
The most important metric to know when launching your product or service
Funnels vs systems
CWH Systems
Using B.M.E. and L.E.A.D.S.
The Prototype – the right way to use prototypes and why it will become your new best friend saving you from months or years of wasted time and saving you from wasting thousands of dollars
Traffic sources – how to pick the perfect traffic source

Day 5: Scaling for Massive Growth

The Data Feedback Loop – what it is and why it will separate you from everyone else
How to Analyze if what you’re doing is actually working
How to know what part of your business to scale
The step by step method for scaling any market
The Three Stages of Growth
The Tipping Point – this is where things get really fun – I’ll go over what it is and how to know when you’re there
Massive growth – the shortcuts to getting to massive growth quicker

Then at the end of the workshop, Chris gives you an actionable plan for growth and tells you what you should work on next.And this powerful bonus is yours for free when you join the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass!

These bonuses alone are worth the investment you’ll make in the mentoring program that is only available on this page, and only until the countdown hits zero.

After that, the page expires and I can’t guarantee you’ll ever see this offer again.

You can purchase these 3 bonuses directly from these vendors for $3,484, or…

Claim them for FREE when you join the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass today (through this page only)…

Add it up and that’s $7,454 in life-changing value available through the bonuses on this page alone… Plus the $4,900 in value for the mentoring sessions alone!

And like we already discussed—the value for those who take action on what they learn in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass is as big as your dreams…

But you can claim your seat at the table for just one payment of $1,495 by clicking the Join Now button below…

Claim Your Seat in the 6-Figure Side Money Masterclass Today and Get $7,454 in Resources for Only $1,495

WARNING: Seats in the Side Money Masterclass are limited because of the intense personal support each member will receive.

That means two things to you:
 1.  We will shut down access to the program when we reach capacity

And because of #1…
 2.  We cannot issue any refunds—your commitment to join is final

When you are ready to fully commit to accomplishing your financial dreams, all you have to do is click the “Join Now!” button below before the countdown reaches zero, then complete the form on the next page and you will instantly lock in your seat at the table and claim these incredible free bonuses for yourself for just one payment of $1,495…


What Will Change Your Financial Future?

I’ll keep this brief because nothing has changed from before…

Keep doing the things you’ve been doing, and you will achieve the same level of wealth.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

In other words—if you don’t change, nothing else will.

If not this, then what will change your financial future?

If you don’t know… And you’re the kind of person who will ACT on what you learn in the Side Money Masterclass…

Then the logical choice is to lay claim to your financial destiny by clicking the Join Now button below…

What’s at Stake?

Money isn’t everything… But it’s pretty important… And ultimately it provides the freedom we all desire… 

Freedom to do what you want… where you want… with anyone you want… for as long as you want.

If you can’t afford the Side Money Masterclass—then there is no pressure… Use what you learn in 6-Figure Side Hustles to improve your ability to invest in your future.

You’re going to do great—just keep pressing forward!

But if you can afford it, then you have a serious decision to make.

Either continue without mentoring, or… Take advantage of one of life’s few legitimate shortcuts and go forward with a mentor.

Either choice is fine. It’s your life and you’re the only one who has to live with your choice.

And either way I’m thrilled you joined us!

Click the “Join Now!” button below before the countdown reaches zero, then complete the form on the next page to lock in your seat and claim these incredible free bonuses for just one payment of $1,495.

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